28 January, 2015


Greenworks and Nordic Green Design invites you to our collaborative exhibition ”Furniture with embedded life”.

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2015

Stockholmsmässan Älvsjö

Stand A10:42

3rd to 7th of February


Furniture with embedded life – plants and fish at its core of the design

Vertical gardens reduce the heat in the city and increase the humidity and biodiversity. When we densify the cities, vertical gardens are a way to create balance by bringing in more green environments. Green roofs with sedum have seen an increasing number of applications in different environments, but green walls are more advanced and more unusual. The idea of dressing the walls with plants existed since the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and now, with the help of modern technology and a few test projects last years, we can also do it outdoors in Sweden.

Greenworks is a producer of living furniture and living walls. With sustainable design as the core ingredient Greenworks will present new products with embedded plant solution. Come and experience a speaker pedestal with plants, mirror with spherical vertical garden, wireless vertical plant screen, plants in ceiling and moss walls.

Aquariums contribute to the well-being at your workplace. The combination of plants, fishes, water and stones creates a contact with nature and brings harmony into your space. It is scientifically proofed that aquariums reduces stress and blood pressure. Furthermore aquariums regulate humidity in the usual dry indoor spaces.   Aquariums have since long been an underdeveloped niche in terms of design.

Nordic Green Design brings aquarium to the minds of architects with concepts integrating well with the interiors.  Nordic Green Design is a full service provider of plant and aquarist interior solutions and maintenance. Experience our desk aquarium and new modular inspirational system. The system is flexible and you can choose modular pieces for various needs: A customized wall or a free standing room divider with endless possibilities of combining plants and aquariums, media, sound, shelves and cabinets.

Combining the competencies of Greenworks and Nordic Green Design we create interior solutions with embedded life. Come listen to how fishes and plants interact and how this can be the at the core of making spectacular, beautiful and healthy interior design

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Kostnadsfri offert


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